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My aunt, who lived for costume dramas,
was very fond of her pyjamas.
She claimed their fine-haired llama-fleece
provided her with inner peace.

She wore her ‘jamas everywhere . . .
Caracas, Bangkok, Leicester Square,
Niagara Falls, New Zealand, Parma.
They even met the Dalai Lama!

One day, when climbing Fujiyama,
she bumped into a handsome farmer.
Call it kismet, call it karma,
that farmer pierced her spinster armour.

She said, “Oh my! You are a charmer!
The time, the place, the panorama . . .
Let’s hurry back to Yokohama.
I hope to wed a llama farmer.”

The marriage, simply, was bananas
(with acrobatic stunt piranhas)
and dressed in freshly pressed pyjamas
they wed among pink bridesmaid llamas.

The moral of the tale is clear -
Life is crazy! Have no fear!
Chase your rainbows, where’s the harm?
Start yourself a llama farm!