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Have faith. He’s in a better place.
He isn’t dead, he’s just away.
It was his time to go, I guess.
I’m praying for you both today.

God gives you nothing you can’t handle.
For everything there is a reason.
He must have needed one more angel.
For everything there is a season.

Only the good ones die so young.
At least you know that he’s at peace.
Some day you’ll reconnect with him,
when Death will finally decease.

Relive the happy times you shared,
too few, alas, but full of joy.
He’ll never be a sad old man.
He’ll always be your golden boy.

You will be fine. I’m here for you,
but moving on is not a sin.
Just pull yourself together now
and cry it out. Don’t keep it in.

Time heals all wounds, in time, of course,
and grief can only make you stronger.
Why keep on beating a dead horse?
I don’t think you will grieve much longer.

Please let me know what I can do.
I think about you a great deal.
No one deserves help more than you.
I know exactly how you feel.