Janice Canerdy: George Was Merely Naked

“ ‘Naked’ means you ain’t wearin’ no clothes;
‘nekkid’ means you ain’t wearing no clothes
and you’re up to somethin’.”- Lewis Grizzard
(1946-1994), writer and humorist from Georgia.

When George strolled by neighbors one night,
the men were appalled at the sight,
    for this uncouth dude
    was lewd, crude, and nude.
The wives tried to hide their delight.

The angry men yelled, “Hey, you freak!"
Oblivious, George didn't speak.
    He stared straight ahead
    then went home to bed.
He’d be out again, bare, the next week

The problem, recalls Dr Dover,
was acute, but, soon afterwards, over,
    when he checked him and found
    George was walking around
asleep, so some pills cured this rover.

The neighborhood men are quite glad
no naked man’s making them mad.
    While breathing a sigh
    of relief, they ask why
their wives have just lately seemed sad.