Competition 37: The L-Word

Up to three of your best limericks, please, light, lugubrious, laughter-inducing or any appropriate L-word you prefer, to Submissions, headed Competition 37, not later than Monday 15th May. Note that the scansion, rhyme and point police will be out in force. Titles welcome (we aim to be a high-class establishment.)

James Fenton once wrote, "I doubt there could be such a  thing as a serious limerick." Those successfully attempting to prove him wrong will be awarded a LUPO premium or bonus as opposed to those who merely supply the old rib-tickling stuff. (Alas, LUPO as yet pays only in kudos, not cashos.)


Humanised cat in bed

Get back to your page, you limb of felinity,
 You've no business in bed or in this vicinity!