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Barbara Lydecker Crane: Maps Folded

Before Siri and computers
(and bogus emails coming in),
paper maps were routers
and Spam came in a tin.

Line drawing of tin of Spam 

(From B.L.C's BackWords Logic. See News)

             ♠        ♠        ♠

Damian Balassone: Hollywood Hair Cycle

I once had hair likes Moses,
but now my mop is thinner.
I once was Charlton Heston,
but now I am Yul Brynner.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

L.A. Mereoie: Brute And Branch

Upon a huge horse, Chestnut Beau,
He rode in woods near Slough
Till – BONK! – he failed to pass below
A huge horse-chestnut bough.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Tristan Moss: You Reeker!

When Archimedes ate paprika
it made him fart all day.
Each time he did, he'd scream, 'Eureka!'
and fan the stench away.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Daphne Milne: Downwriting

I tried to write a villanelle.
It wasn’t going very well.
Perhaps the better form to pick
Would be . . . a naughty limerick.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Peggy Verrall: Lean And Slippered

Though the cage of old age
Is the stage to be sage
I find that my mind
Is inclined to unwind.

            ♠        ♠         ♠

Edmund Conti: Tally Ho!

Counting all those fighting ships
gainfully employed
keeps (with all those ocean trips)
Jane fully employed.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Rob Barratt: No one reads poetry any more

No one reads poetry any more
They all give it a miss
No, nobody reads poetry
So why are you reading this?

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Damian Balassone: Networking

The phone’s for losers, texting is a bore,
and no one uses email any more;
but check my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
and you’ll discover who the hell I am.

            ♠        ♠        ♠

Barbara Lydecker Crane: Tuba to Aruba

My seatmate blared about his tuba
right from take-off to Aruba.
The blowhard, too, was over-wide–
how he did abut my side.

Man on plane with tuba next to female passenger

(From B.L. C.'s BackWords Logic. See News.)