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Damian Balassone: Solar Eclipse

The moon has parked her shiny arse
    between the earth and sun,
she’s obviously oblivious
    to all that she has done.

      ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥         

Liza McAlister Williams: Dried Bouquet

The flowers are deader than dead, a dried bouquet:
and yet I keep them around here day after day.
Their color’s intense but faded – how can that be?
I find it’s an apt description also of me.

      ♥       ♥       ♥      ♥       ♥   

S. O. Fasrus: A Match Made In Ovens

I used to dream of hunky men
    but now I dream of cake.
No matter if his buns are taut
    the point is: can he bake?

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Edmund Conti: Cephalopodcast

There is no calamari.
We don’t deal, as you know,
In tactics such as Squid pro quo.

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L. A. Mereoie: Big Wet Hunter

A shark off some Far Eastern shore
    Bumped into face-masked flippered Peter
A fact sub-aquaists deplore
    Since now the thing’s a frogman-eater.

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George Simmers: Silver Lining?

An undertaker's lot is not a happy one,
    And yet it has its very pleasant side
What's better than a hearse to give a chappie one
    Delightful, graceful, smooth, unhurried ride?

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Brian S. Lee: Homer; an epicgram

When Homer felt so ill he had
    Physicians come and see,
Their cures were bad and drove him mad:
    Now look how odd is he!

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Kathleen Naureckas: Confession

No matter how fluent I seem
I don’t know a trope from a meme.
I hope that you don’t think I’m bitter
because I don’t know how to Twitter.

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Jerome Betts: Swine Into Swan

Even birds they praise
    As models of dignity
Had to go through a phase
    Of being . . . cygnety.

Heraldic swan on gate pillar wings raised neck arched.