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Jennifer Reeser: The Businessman's Mistress

A businessman's mistress named "Tam"
for reward, got his white monogram.
    She squealed, "Thought a harlot
    was lettered in scarlet!
How well-kept a woman I am!"

          ♣           ♣          ♣

Mae Scanlan: Lambdacisms

Lambdacisms: do you know ‘em?
I’ll explain them in this poem:
“Little Lillie liked to lick
Her lollipop, as it was slick.
Laughing Louis” . . . aw, hell’s bells,
You get the point − too many “L”s.

           ♣           ♣          ♣       

Tim Kenny: First Day at School

In the yard, I made friends
with some of the older boys.
‘I’m Gripper,’ said one,
shirt out of his trousers.
The older boys laughed.
And so did I, climbing,
out of the skip.

            ♣          ♣          ♣

Daniel Galef: Where Does Art End?

“Where does art start?” - James B. Nicola
Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists

Where does art end?
When it begins to bore?
When it starts to offend?
When it becomes a bitter, clawing enemy or
An even more bitter and cloying friend?

             ♣          ♣          ♣

Ingrid Bruck: Discombobulation (Hybrid ronka)

They’re crowing great distress from farm to farm,
it’s the wrong time of day for the sky to be dimming.
"Remember that ghost tale that scared us witless?
Now we know it’s true," they say.
"Someone’s eating the sun.”

              ♣          ♣          ♣

George Stanworth: Sometimes Love Strikes

You felt you were one that romance neglected.
Sadness and shame is all you projected.
You went out for cheese when fate intercepted.
A 'Clover' sign fell, and letters defected.
Sometimes 'love' strikes when it isn't expected!

              ♣          ♣          ♣

Mae Scanlan: Good Advice

Persons do not need to view
Or hear the foods you choose to chew.
They needn’t know what meat, legume,
Or gum you’ve chosen to consume.
So, lest you’re thought a sorry chap,
When masticating, shut your trap.

              ♣          ♣          ♣

Jennifer Reeser: The Stanford Elite

A Stanford elite in Sonoma
Said, when roused from a sleep like a coma,
    To illegal maid, Etta,
   “Bring broth and bruschetta,
And that rascal who faked my diploma!”

              ♣          ♣          ♣

L.A. Mereoie: Boom! Boom!

(The American TSA forbids ‘English
Christmas crackers’ in cabin and hold.)

The Boeing gathered speed, then braked,
And all aboard it blanched and quaked
On hearing take-off was aborted,
And then the captain, who reported:
No, not a bomb scare. Far worse, folks!
It’s lethal Limey cracker-jokes!

8 Christmas crackers in box