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(Advice From The Pros)

Inspire amore first, but molto forte
If in sonetti dolci you'd be sung.
Then see that you stay bella. You'll support a
Passione deep and long by dying young.

If thou upon his stage the Muse's part
Wouldst play, each act thou study'st must prolong
Thy Poet's pain. 'Tis pain shall prompt great Art.
Then con thy lines with style, and do him wrong.
−The Dark Lady

Stay always by her. Never for a day
Be from her cherished side. 'Tis paramount
To share the highest love. (And, by the way,
It helps to choose a lover who can count.)
−Robert Browning

'Tis mystery that fires the crucial spark,
So make him wait − and keep him in the dark.
−Milton's blindness