In This Issue

LUPO 41, the first issue of 2018, contains a trio of octopuses, letters from a copper lady and a cuckoo, goes slightly bananas, confesses to coleopteracide, visits space, offers advice to writers and teachers, and ponders different types of gravity among many other matters. Its denizens include cats, small and Big, including a man-eater (and, in the interests of gender balance, a woman-eater) a dog, charity shop volunteers, Ancient Greeks, ancient moderns, an elusive Muse, the owner of the pale hands unloved by some beside the Potomac, William Wordsworth, and occasional  daffodils.

The issue’s three Intervals proudly present the briefer offerings of Damian Balassone, Alan Balter, Jerome Betts, Joanna Bird, Jane Blanchard, Joan Butler, Daniel Galef, David Galef, Max Gutmann, Dan Harvey, Elizabeth Horrocks, Phil Huffy, Bob Lorentson, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, Tony Peyser, Steve Redwood, Mae Scanlan, John J. Williamson and Paul Willis.

Lining up to receive their Competition 40 statuettes in tasteful passport-burgundy come Liza McAlister Williams, Mae Scanlan, D. A. Prince, Susan McLean, David Galef, Peter Goulding, Peter Fereday, John Cooper and Brian Allgar.

Spot-lit on LUPO's stage for the first time are the baker’s dozen of Walter Ancarrow, Antonia Clark, Stephen Dickey, Philip Dunkerley, Martin Elster, Dan Harvey, Phil Huffy, Louis Hunt, Bob Lorentson, Steve Redwood, Taco Cat Rever, John J. Williamson and Paul Willis.

A hearty welcome to them, as well as to all stalwarts and veterans, apologies to those whose pieces have had to be held over till June, and thanks to all who have contributed to the blending of LUPO’s late winter or early spring cheering cordial. 

Group of yellow crocuses