Mae Scanlan: Moving Along . . .

If you're getting old you are in for a treat
As you enter the roster of nature's elite.

You've so many brand new adventures in store
In that rarefied space, Geriatrics Galore.

Some juicy surprises are waiting for you;
I'll take just a minute to mention a few:

The joy of gray hair, both receding and thinning;
The thrill of bum knees and bum biceps beginning.

Days that are wearying, nights that are restive,
With dubious problems they label ‘digestive’.

The sudden perception of lessening sight;
Shrill ambulance rides in the still of the night.

And so on and so on; you just can't evade it,
But here is the bright side: by golly, you made it!

So cope and enjoy – what will be, friends, will be;
That you're still around, what a fait accompli!