INTERVAL ONE; Sixes, Fives And Fours

Max Gutmann: On Eggshells

“If he gave someone a dozen eggs,
every egg in the carton would
have a line of verse on it.” – J. D.
McClatchy about James Merrill.

His pen     Roused glee:

“Hooray!”  "Compact!"

The hen,   Too, backed

His lay,      In fact.

But when   It's me,

They say,   "He's cracked!"

( First published in Measure)

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L.A. Mereoie: Heart In Mouth

A pop-star, whose pets triggered fashions,
Paid no heed to her young tiger's passions.
She got quite a surprise
When she looked in his eyes –
And a love-bite that turned her to rations.

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Elizabeth Horrocks: Reflection On Spelling

Homophones can really irk
In the phrases where they lurk.
Choosing vowels is hard work.
Get them wrong, you'll feel a berk.

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Daniel Galef: The Mosquito

The skeeter’s not a meek insect, or
One that can subsist on nectar.
No – it slakes its vampirific
Urges, and becomes a vector.

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Phil Huffy: Money Isn't Everything

In despair at her life's leaden palette,
A billionaire's wife took a mallet
And biffed the old boy
So that she could enjoy
The butler, both chefs, and a valet.

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David Galef: Quatrain for Dr Spooner

His film genre’s noir romantic.
The male leads are all tough rakes.
Yet his shooting’s precise and fussy,
Each scene needing thirty rough takes.

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Damian Balassone: Epitaph

Here lies the scribbler Damian Balassone
condemned to death for rhyming abalone
with his silly-sounding name.
Let the bastard rot in shame.

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Jerome Betts: Air on A Tuber

A King Edward is not like a bean.
It grows underground, best unseen.
For people it’s fun
Going brown in the sun
But potatoes just turn bottle-green.

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Paul Willis: Salal

(Gaultheria shallon)

I had a friend in school named Sal;
when she got drunk she said Salal.
The gods then turned her to a plant
as plain and chaste as my great aunt.
But on the trail with my missus,
Sal stops my boots with her wet kisses.

Salal, Shrub with flowees