Patricia Bradley: The Writers' Conference

To assembled hopefuls, who have no clue,
The professionals say, without ado,
If you want to be published, here’s the thing,
You’ve got to have a platform before you sing.

That means, dear hopefuls, that no one gives a fig
To read something by a name that’s not already big.
The audience has to be agog and seated
For someone who's trumpeted, hyped, re-tweeted.

The more people know about the ideas you’ve spread
By way of TV, podcasts and Likes per head
Then a book becomes just another feed
For folks to know there’s nothing new to heed.

So, better not go off to your favorite pond
To write diligently of what you’re fond.
Better to get a gig or two, wave your flag, do a trick
Just practice enough and you’ll have your shtick.

And once your platform becomes quite large
You can even have a book tour where there’s a charge
To publicize the work in which it’s all been said
Long before a page is ever read.