INTERVAL TWO: Eight Eights

Joanna Bird: Eticatte

When Lady Lafroufrou arrived at the vet's
The latter reached up for the practice Debrett's.

To avoid a faux pas with regard to her station
He checked Titled Felines – Correct Salutation.

He followed the protocol: gave a small bow,
Then called her milady, and tried a meow.

Acknowledging this, her response was non-verbal:
She very politely presented a furball.

              ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ    ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                     

Tony Peyser: Herman Hesse

He died at 85 in 1962.
His mental state was not often cheery.
His posthumous fame was fuelled in part
By none other than Timothy Leary.

The drug guru was a Hesse aficionado –
Baby Boomers soon read and trusted him.
Hesse never lived to meet his new fans but
I bet those hippies would’ve disgusted him.

             ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ    ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                      

Alan Balter: What's In A Name?

I hate my name; I wish I could change it
But my parents simply won’t let me arrange it
Their calling me Jack was almost vicious -
Yes, all things considered, I’d prefer Aloysius.
You’ll probably ask why it isn't a hit
And why I'm so angry that I'm stuck with it,
Though I’m sure you too would give it a pass
If your last name, like mine, had chanced to be Cass.

               ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ    ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                    

Daniel Galef: ‘A Very Common Thing In A Strange Dress’

 (With apologies to Dr Johnson)           

‘Hermit crab, in spiral shell,
What gives you bravery to roam?
You doff your house ere you can tell
How you shall find another home.’

Said he, ‘Where shall I next reside?
We pass our shells down, each to each—
Because we know that time and tide
Won’t wait, and know that life’s a beach.’

                ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ    ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                   

Jane Blanchard: Me – Me – Me – Me

To Emily                   

I’ll tell you who I am – my dear –
I’m Somebody – for sure!
You – Nobody – from what I hear –
Are utterly obscure.

On Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –
My followers are many!
I like the Bog – in which I am –
As swell a Frog as any.

               ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ    ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                                         

Bob Lorentson: Unmindfulness

The yogi, chakras all aligned,
Sat contemplating MIND.

The tiger that crept up on him
Cared only that his eyes were dim,
Not what his mind divined.

The tiger ate the yogi raw
Save for the part he never saw,
And left his mind behind.

                 ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ   ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ              

Dan Harvey: A tree

A tree
Is a tree
Is a tree
Except when it's suddenly sawed into three
And placed at my head and my back and my knee
As I sing as I cling to this swing made for me
On a tree
On a tree.

                 ᴥ      ᴥ       ᴥ   ᴥ      ᴥ      ᴥ                   

Bruce McGuffin: Change of State

A dog in the spring, like a dandelion puff
has an air of apparent solidity,
but one brief caress by the breeze is enough
to unleash all its latent fluidity.

From dense canine matter it quickly transforms;
once solid, it starts to diffuse,
and becomes a dog centre surrounded by swarms
of the free floating fur that ensues.

Small terrier bitched to one of three rings outside hop.