Richard Westcott: Space Walk

I don’t know why they call it a walk,
it seems the wrong choice of noun.
One foot does not pass the other
and you’re often upside down.

True – you put on outdoor gear
to shield against what you may face
though it’s sunny now. But do make sure
you’ve the means to get back to the place.

It’s very nice to stretch your legs,
enjoy activity, raise the pulse rate,
get to do some good deep breathing
as if  beyond your garden gate.

But there’s no need to pay a bill
or tweet some succinct views.
You won’t meet a friend
and share the local news.

(Still, you can keep up conversation,
do something useful – fix a leak,
adjust some panels or just hang around
all by yourself, unique.)

Then, back, how nice to shed that suit,
to relieve yourself, after blowing your nose.
It’s more of a float or a dance or a flight
than a walk. I’d prefer those.