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(The Duckworth–Lewis-Stern method, named
after three statisticians, is a mathematical
formula used to work out the target score for
the team which bats second in a limited overs
cricket match interrupted by rain or bad light.)

When matches are marred by rainy days
It’s a chance for us to learn
And wonder at the mysterious ways
Of Duckworth, Lewis, and Stern.

For as on the covers the deluge drums
The fate of the game will turn
On some arcane maths, namely baffling sums
From Duckworth, Lewis and Stern.

When the batting side is right on top
Their hearts are sure to burn
Should overs prematurely stop,
Since Duckworth, Lewis and Stern . . .

If Bonnie and Clyde were in their time
A cause for grave concern
For some today the partners in crime
Are Duckworth, Lewis and Stern.

But “Cricket is a game of skill
Whose laws you may not spurn
However much you fail to thrill
At Duckworth, Lewis, and Stern.”

Or so the cricket pundits hold,
Which causes one to yearn
For those cloudy dim-lit days of old
Pre-Duckworth, Lewis and Stern.

Batsman, wicket-keeper, 2 slip fielders