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I sit and I stare at the TV and stew.
The news is so bad I don't know what to do.
Then a dog nose appears and it rests on my knee
till I look at my dog, who is looking at me.

And she gives a small wag. Her eyes silently say
the same thing they do at this time every day.
"Why are you here in this room, on this couch
watching the news and becoming a grouch?

There are dogs to be petted, with ears you can scratch,
outside in the park there are squirrels to catch.
Let's go for a walk, we should give it a try.
Bring a ball too, you're a ball throwing guy."

So I pet her and scratch her, it's good for the blues.
And tonight we'll go walking right after the news.


Sgn @Thde Dof And Its Housekeeping Staff Live Here'