June Webster: Unleashing Chaos

Sitting at my laptop on a dismal day with nothing in mind,
not a clue on what to write on the topic, change or routine.

I have no routine, so maybe, could start with a change there.
Should I have breakfast at a set time, not eat before or after?

That means setting my alarm, which would wake my husband
on his days off and almost certainly result in an argument.

That would be a change. We mostly bicker later in the day,
as we are both silent, nod or grunt-only, morning zombies.

I could plan my week, not go off whenever I feel the urge
to shop, wander aimlessly around the park or indeed visit

any gallery that takes my fancy. I could make a schedule,
map out days in advance. Create a filing system in alphabetical

or numeric order, instead of my usual, where-the-hell-did-I-put-
that-for-safekeeping method. Potential to transform, boundless!

Thought about the matter enough, deliberation is making me tired.
I need to think about what to write on topic, change or routine.