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We’ll poison knotweed in the spring again,
And Himalayan balsam, for it’s such a pain,
And try to keep plants native in each English lane
So primroses can bloom once more.

But we mustn’t gather primroses, or bluebells, for
Although we picked them freely in the days of yore
They’re all protected flowers, which seems quite a bore,
When we walk along an English lane.

And if you see an orchid, you must leave it be,
The same for ox eyed daisies, though they’re growing free,
And never bring a buttercup back home for tea
Nor make a little daisy chain.

And in the evening, by the telly’s glow
We’ll talk about the flowers that we used to know,
And maybe see them featured on some wild life show,
Where they can grow once more.