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In day to day use of this device,
A bell regularly rings
And then my microwave’s LED
Tells me certain things.

Its built-in communication skills
Are thus then on display.
I’m intrigued and don’t mind
It’s not got much to say.

At this point, it just comes down
To four words. Now, I’ve
Noticed that ‒ hold on a sec. The
Actual number is five.

No matter. Challenges are places
I manage to find hope in.
“Microwave, how is your mind?”
Microwave says, “OPEN.”

“Microwave, in my car rear-view mirror,
I see a red light: it’s a cop.
What should I do: just keep on driving?”
Microwave says, “STOP.”

“Microwave, my stomach is growling ---
Am I now in the mood
For something to drink? Your thoughts?”
Microwave says, “FOOD.”

“Microwave, I hear a knocking sound ---
What do you think that’s for?
Does it mean I should open a window?”
Microwave says, “DOOR.”

“Microwave, where am I in this poem?
Do I now need to spend
More time on it? Is this the beginning?”
Microwave says, “END.”