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You’ve got a problem – a poem to write?
Hey, no problem – I’ll put that right –
I am Algorithm, ready to sort
anything out. I have been taught
to Calculate, manage Data Processing,
Automated as well as High-level Reasoning.
By selecting some words, mainly obscure
previously unlinked, so you can’t be sure
quite what they mean, and breaking the lines
arbitrarily up – you’ve got the signs
of what’s seen as Poetry. Yes, and there’s rhyme –
don’t forget – a challenge with which I’m
quite able to cope. So let us begin –
the Initial State – when nothing is written in
just an odd thought perhaps – put that away –
for all sorts of other things come into play
as Input. Operation and Process
and don’t forget Task – that’s no less
than Input. The Sequence awaits, ready to go –
to follow the unambiguous Arrow –
every subsequent step is precisely aligned
as we answer each question, we rapidly find
decisions are taken – phrases are found –
loops are re-entered, go round and round –
then your problem is solved, with you unaware –
Output, the Product, your Poem – it’s there!