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My name is Cleopatra and I would look quite alarmed,
but this ancient Queen of Egypt appears to be embalmed.
I could have rigor mortis, lay me out in concrete shoes.
I’ve got the deep freeze with chips and peas medication blues.

My touch is still erotic with a long term health condition
but I struggle to stay conscious in a vertical position.
I’m a goddess in an ambulance, a patient who’s a Muse.
I’ve got the A & E’s Persephone, medication blues

I do the zombie shuffle, weavy winding when I walk.
I sound as if I’m drunk and stoned, when I attempt to talk.
These circuits need rewiring, I may have blown a fuse.
I’ve got the looking dazed, my eyes are glazed, medication blues

I’m leaning to the left, I can’t stop myself from falling,
is my favourite colour red, or do I love Mr Corbyn?
When my pillbox winks her ruby eye, then how can I refuse?
I’ve got the ‘take me now, and four times daily’, medication blues

“I vibrate when I’m excited” is my chat up line with men
when I jump on them out shopping, in aisles seven through to ten
“An improper use of trolleys”, it’s on the local news.
I’ve got the foggy, groggy, that looks soggy, medication blues!