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  • Please use the form below to submit your poem/s. Please read one or two issues before deciding  to send anything.
  • Please do not submit more than three poems for each issue.
  • By submitting to Lighten Up Online, you give us your guarantee that you are sole copyright holder in work submitted.
  • Items published in Lighten Up Online remain available in its archive files indefinitely, though copyright remains with the author.
  • A decision may take up to a month, but normally within two weeks.  
  • Verse already published and available online is not used. Publication online includes publicly accessible blogs or social media pages, but not private social media pages, workshops or forums. We occasionally use printed work over two years old if the author holds the copyright. After appearance, you are free to reuse contributions wherever you like  (preferably not while the issue is still current) with a credit and link to Lighten Up On Line where possible.