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Michael Swan works in English language teaching and applied linguistics. His poems are published widely, and have won prizes, including The Times Stephen Spender competition for his translated version of Rilke’s Orpheus, Eurydike, Hermes.  His first collection was When They Come For You (Frogmore Press 2003) and his second The Shapes of Things (Oversteps Books 2011). He won the Poetry Society's 2010 Stanza Poetry Competition.

Random poet

Sharon is from Scotland, writes short stories and has only recently ventured into the world of poetry, having had two poems published in Writers’ Forum. Her heroine, Cruella De Vil, although not poetical, is a character whom Sharon wishes she had created. Sharon has to console herself with merely worshipping Cruella De Vil’s overtly callous qualities, fabulous cheekbones and puppy-deriding ways with a view to one day becoming Cruella De Vil. 

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