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Patrick Biggs occupies a dead-end janitorial position in Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to producing trivial doggerel, his interests (some would say vices) include online poker, black metal, and whisky.

Random poet

Susan’s work has also appeared in: Brighton Stanza Poets Anthology, 2013, (Bramley) The Fat Damsel (Take Ten , Issue 3), Ink, Sweat & Tears, I am not a silent poet, Nutshells & Nuggets, Poetry Space (Winter showcase, 2014) Prole (Issues 14 & 15) Proletarian Poetry, Slim Volumes 1 & 2: No Love Lost and Wherever You Roam (Pankhearst) The Stare’s Nest, and Writing Magazine, with more upcoming in The Jawline Review, Spotlights Anthology 2015 (Paragram) and The Yellow Chair Review. A performance poet, Susan enjoys straddling stage and page/screen and is driven by rhythm and real-life events.


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