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No pointers from me this time. Pick out your own nuggets of gold to soften the grimness of a miserable summer,, probable double-dip recession, baby-faced politicians seemingly now even younger than our policemen, floods, famine, riots, coalition government, 99.9% of X-Factor auditions --- and rejection slips.

Do not miss the winners of Competition 14, the theme of which was "Rejection." Also, study your shopping lists with greater than normal thought for Competition 15.

One item in the News Section could make money for several of us (though not more than three at a time), while another item is a plea for suggestions about increasing booklet sales.

The next Issue is due in December and will mark the completion of four years of Lighten Up Online. A fifth year seems a possibility. given that nobody nicks my worry-beads or stops the importing of red wine into the UK.

Martin Parker --Ed.