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It’s no go this trip to Town to visit Buckingham Palace.
It’s no go being dragged along by my Norland Nanny, Alice.
For Alice is marrying one of the guard and every lovesick day
She brings me here to watch her stand and ogle her fiancé.

Alice says his life is hard though a sergeant darns his socks.
But I hope his toes turn blue with cold in his wretched sentry-box,
For it’s no go Alice’s prurient dreams when all I want to do
Is ride on the top of a trolley bus and spend the day at the Zoo.

James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree
Learned his mother was on the streets though he was only three.
It seems he also has a trike like other proper boys
But all I've got's a Nanny and a load of old soft toys.

But it’s no go mentioning things like this since all my Nanny's replies
Are trite banalities, girlish smirks or simply downright lies . . .
And I know I shouldn't view her man with a deeply seething malice.
But all I want is a trike like James – and not to go out with Alice.