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Well I woke up this morning, and a misery filled my head.
There just ain’t no escaping it, the anguish and the dread
You see I’m in a Shadow Cabinet whose leader is Ed.
He’s the offer that the nation will instinctively refuse.
I got the Shadow Cabinet blues.

I heard him speechifying, I don’t know what he said.
That adenoidal whinge of his had killed the moment dead.
I slipped out of the meeting and went home to weep in bed.
Oh let me lose the memory, oh fill me up with booze.
I got the Shadow Cabinet blues.

This coalition’s hopeless so the future should be red,
But we’re lumbered with a leader who’s without a shred of cred,
Because the party didn’t vote for, well, for instance me instead;
Now the time is ticking quickly, now the nation’s got to choose,
And our leader looks a loser so it looks like we shall lose.
I got those ever-darkening Shadow Cabinet blues.