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  Here in the States, it's the custom (don't gag)
  To scoop your dog's poop, in a small plastic bag,
  And then to dispose of it, back in your yard;
  The message is clear, but enforcement is hard

  I see them out daily, alone or in groups,
  Strong macho fellows, out scooping up poops.
  It's all so distasteful, they simply can't bear
  To lug the stuff home, and dispose of it there.

  So they – quick!− look around, then they do something rash;
  They place the offending manure in the trash
  Of somebody else! Just image the joy
  When the homeowner opens that trash can. Oh boy!

  As civic sins go, this is not on a par
  With robbing old ladies, or stealing a car.
  But hear me: it's craven, and crude, and a pity,
  And I am quite sure you'll agree, it is . . .

Beware of Dog sign with 'Walkers' added