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Peter Fereday: High Norsepower Vehicle

Edvard Grieg
Is the only Norwegian in the Composers’ Premier League
His piano concerto deserves a prize
(As performed by Andre Previn with Morecambe and Wise)


L.A. Mereoie; Not A Barrel Of Laughs

Living before communication with digital ease
Could provoke a bitter wit-storm
But not a Twitter shit-storm.


Rob Stuart: Hat Clerihew One

A fez
Either says
‘I have an enduring respect for Ottoman tradition’
Or ‘I’m a stage magician.’


Daniel Galef: Maths Clerihew One

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
Said, “Woe is me!
I might as well be a scrap of wood or a lump of stone,
For, despite inventing algebra, I’m still an unknown!”


Peter Fereday: Sibelius

Jean Sibelius
Didn't go under an alias
His fame in Finland will never diminish
And (unlike Schubert) you couldn't call any of his symphonies un-Finnish.


L.A. Mereoie: Parson’s Pleasure

Robert Herrick
Was a rather roguish rhyming cleric.
A wardrobe malfunction in a gown
Would lift his mood, and more, when down.


Rob Stuart: Hat Clerihew Two

A Stetson
Isn’t a good choice for those who work in call centres and have to have headsets on,
But it’s perfect for a quick-draw battle
Or herding cattle.


Daniel Galef: Maths Clerihew Two

Carl Friedrich Gauss
Was quiet as a mouse,
So summation by sigma
Is still an enigma.

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