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It was after the grownups’ candy-buying,
But before the kids’ candy-eating.
There was one last house at the end of the road
where no one was trick-or-treating.

I pressed the buzzer on the door.
The doorbell went click-buzz!
There wasn’t anybody home
(I didn’t think there was).

The ancient door creaked open: squeak!
I wish I’d turned and run.
There was a bowl, and a little sign

I should have taken only one,
or none at all! (Or two?)
Instead, I grinned and grabbed up three.
What a nasty thing to do!

I ran to the end of the driveway
and then to the end of the block.
I stood panting on the corner,
then I got an awful shock:

I turned as pale as my costume
(two eye-holes in a rag)
when I felt for my ill-gotten candy…
and I found I’d forgotten my bag!