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Divorces are so common now that I have a suggestion.
Instead of tying knots, women should rent the man in question!

It would be so much easier if they could advertise
the men that are available, including price and size.

So, you could find your lover in a glossy catalogue,
and you could choose if he should come without, or with, a dog.

And if you so desired you could, for an extra fee,
get upgrades that included his extended family.

Now, if you favour those who have a slight exotic accent,
then you could get your dream man from the section Brits-for-rent.

Plus you could try him for a while to see if he was nice,
and with a specimen you liked, then you could book him twice!

But if you weren’t that picky and just thought, "Hey, what the heck!"
the place to get a cheaper guy would be from Rent-A-Wreck.

For long-term usage I would surely get a warranty
to make sure that in two years time he’d still be good to me.

The day he started strewing all his socks around the floor,
then you could say, “The lease is up, please exit through the door!"