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Steve Clayman: A Nasal Theory Of Relativity

Inside of the sinuses,
An absence of dryness is
For puppies among the clear
Pluses not minuses.


L. A. Mereoie: Can And Canine

“I have tried many varieties of
tinned dog-food in my time . . .”

- Breeder in TV advertisement

They call Bow-Wow the antidote
To arid nose and staring coat
And, cross my heart, I tell no lie,
It does keep skin from getting dry,
And as for hair, this lovely sheen
Is Nature’s own, not brilliantine.
It’s far the best tinned food around –
Some day, I’ll try it on the hound!


Patricia Bradley: Disappointment

"A growing number of people are advocating
for vegan diets for their pets for ethical,
environmental and health reasons."

- Guardian                

The dog said, suddenly awake,
"Is that the sizzle of a steak?
Please, this time rare, not overdone,
A little blood adds lots more fun.
I'll take this piece, it's pale and lean . . .
Don't tell me it's just aubergine!"


Bruce McGuffin: Scritch-Scratch

I like to scratch ears, and I'm ok with backs,
I've been known to rub a dog belly.
Or absently tickle a dog on the ribs
as I sit and I stare at the telly.
Wherever I start, scratching whatever part
I know where I'll end, without fail.
But why is the itchiest part of a dog
the bit at the base of the tail?


Tony Peyser: Dogs Who Have Left The Building

Whenever a dog dies, his name can still be used to summon
Memories he created but open a door & he’ll never come in.

These names, damn it, find a way to simply become archival
And never result in the beloved canine’s immediate arrival.

I say my new dog’s name, she comes, so happy she seems enchanted:
This simple call and response is now not something I take for granted.


Peggy Verrall: Doggone

One son owns a sweet labradoodle
Another a dear cockapoo,
One daughter’s dog’s half Dalmatian
And one’s Cavalier is true blue.
They are all splendid dogs and I love them,
But still I’ve a question or two.
Does no one these days have a mongrel?
Are they all now at risk in a zoo?


Jerome Betts: Hark! Hark!

My carkingest care
Lost a lot of its cark
After reading somewhere,
‘Dogwood, grown for its bark’.

Now this morning I learn
To complete my decarking
Once a dog food concern
Had an office in . . . Barking.

Old Spratts dog-food advert